Am back again.
Had been to Bannerghatta park last december with my mother and son Pranav. This was his first visit to a zoo. He was as excited as ever. The park is fairly large and we expected to see his favorite critters – elephants were on the top of his must-see list.
(these wonderful textures are by: Texture 1 and Texture 2).


Am here...!

I was letting him do what he likes and staying a lil distance away just to capture his expressions.
There were these tall trees near the leapord enclosure. The light was just right and Pranav was playing peek-a-boo, hiding behind the tree each time my mother called him 🙂



He was lost in thoughts..

With his grand mother. Pranav wanted to climb a tree. Here he is..


Through the fence.


Pranav obviously didnt want to go back home. Here he is when we were walking back to the exit.

Dont want to go home...

Hope you enjoyed this. Next time, I will have more time for the zoo animals :). And yes.. Pranav did see elephants. Infact, we got pretty close to them 🙂