First outing with EF 85 f1.8

I have quite a backlog to clear as far these blog posts are concerned. I have been photographying since 10 years now but my blog is only a month of so old. I’d go in a random manner.
I got my canon EF 85 f1.8 in nov’2009 and couldnt wait to try it out in the field. Here are some results…
I was in Lalbag early that morning. This father and son were playing cricket and I was watching them. The batsman hit the ball over this tree and it got stuck in the canopy. The boy, in an attempt to get it down, threw his ‘not so heavy’ bat at the place where the ball was stuck. But ironically, the bat joined the ball in the former’s ‘tree house’ :). Now they were left to try multiple tricks to get them both down.. Gave me a great opportunity to capture these simple but wonderful moments.

Daddy and his buddy

Heres another kid playing.

Throw ball

Heres a guy getting his morning news updates

Morning News

A few more pics of the beautiful morning light and the tree cover which makes Lalbag so unique.

Green and Blue

Trickling through

Bathed in Light

The Canopy

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  1. Hilmar Kiesekamp

    It was a wonderful experience to go through your website. I really love
    your pictures. Very artistic and beautiful. The one painting on your site I love
    as well. You have some wonderful pictures that I greatly enjoyed.

    I am a Canadian and live near Toronto, Ontario. I have loved photography all
    my life. It is only after I retired that I was able to buy some very good equipment.
    I love your ‘pics’ because it shows how beautiful God’s creation is. Continued

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