Same pics; different look…!

Welcome back,
I sat down with some of the pics that I had posted here before and experimented with a different workflow/processing. A bit of Rarindra Prakasa effect.

Daddy and his buddy

I have different methods to add the misty saturated backgrounds and an almost even light on the subjects. Here are some with textures and no gradients.

A boy running back with a ball.


Another boy playing throw-ball with his friend.

Throw Ball

And finally a couple more pics with rays of light and no textures. Had to spend a lot of time making the selection of the foreground

Bench in Light


Will be adding some more in this section…

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  1. Great post-processing here. First visit to your blog. Have a feeling will be coming back. Great work!

  2. Great Work… Liked ur captures and processing !

  3. Santhosh

    Hey Niraj, it’s been a long time and I never would have thought it would be such a great surprise hearing about you again. awesome work! would like to meet you soon.

    You too on…. I guessed it from ‘rarindra’ effect.

    • Hey Santhosh.. It was quite a surprise for me too. The face book friends suggestion tool really works :-). Lets meet up sometime.. Its been a lot of time. Ya its the Rarindra Prakasa effect.

  4. I really like your photos, its a great capture moments and the post processing is really like rarindras work. I also wanted to have a picture like this, can you share the work process you have done? I had tried to process the effect like this, but i really can not make it.

    • Rarindra Prakasa is a master of his work. I only tried to understand his workflow and that led me to work on these pictures. The first thing you need to have obviously is a good picture – one with strong directional lighting. You can then observe the light, mask the fore/background differently and blend in different amounts of brightness/color tints to match it with the subject’s lighting and your taste. you can enhance the existing light too. i used simple gradients and masks on some pics and for other i had to really spend time masking some fine details..

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