Alcatel-Lucent Bangalore: Family day

ALU Family day was held on 29th May at Manipal County resort off Hosur road.. These are a few random pics from the event. Well this is about portraiture and not about the event as such. I spent most of that day helping Ganesh set up the photo exhibition and there was very little time for photography. Had borrowed the EF 70-200 f2.8 from Sudhir Shivram for the excellent range it provided. And not to mention it lived up to its reputation.

Most folks had got their families along and kids were having a great time.

Catch me if u can!

It was a very bright day, open skies, giving hard shadows. I actually started shooting late afternoon after lunch. All in all, a bad time for portraits. So had to choose the subjects in shade. Heres the same kid as above.

I waited a while for this little girl to come and lean over the mesh. Pretty nice expressions with the light hitting her hair from behind and some secondary reflection from the shiny sides.

Let me free!

Most of the shooting that day was centered around this stall where kids were getting watercolor tattoos painted on their arms.


And look at him. He is getting bored..


Its surprising how many pics were shot around this one tiny stall. Seemed like the center of the world that day.. Ofcourse, making background selection that much more difficult.

Now this one is quite special. This little girl was fascinated by a tiny fountain and was lingering around it trying to touch it. It was just then that I took some shots. It struck me that this picture had to be more than just a picture. So.. worked on it a lot.. Spent some time on the 30 day trial of corel painter and actually turned this into a watercolor painting. It isnt very apparent if u havent had a look at the original pic. Will post that sometime later.. 🙂

Alice in Wonderland

This picture is soft. The little girl turned just when I took the shot. But the light on her face and her expression was so compelling that I just had to post this.

The look

And here are some more…

Say it

I want some more!

And I end with The Mask!


I left at about 6:00 pm when it started raining. So no pics of the evening.

And special thanx to all the kids for the wonderful pics…

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