This would be my first evening visit to Lalbag and it was Pranav’s first too. And it was splendidly rewarding. I was with Pranav, my wife and my MIL. We knew he loved wide open spaces but never imagined how excited he’d be when we let him ‘free’ on the huge lawn. He was super charged and there was no way Navnita and my MIL could match his energy.
Here they are looking at a passing airplane.

Up there!

Lalbag is an awesome location for portraiture. The evening sun hitting at a low angle makes it more so. I shot this against the light as they were walking towards these huge trees. Slightly different processing giving 2 different perspective to images taken just moments after each other

Walk to the light

I realized the trees were a great place to take some shots. I asked Navnita and Pranave to just peep from behind one of them. Here is the result.


And heres Navnita sitting on a bench. She gave up chasing Pranav and just let him do his thing. 🙂

The look

Time to go back home folks…