I have always been fascinated by paintings. While sifting thru the pictures of some of my contacts on flickr, I came across some who paint on photos. Photo-painting is what I am talking about.

There is a distinction between a picture and a painting and all these years I honored that. But then art is all about experimenting with new ideas.  So I gave it a try.

Frankly I was quite amazed at what can be done. Its intricate work – unlike post-processing a picture.  And it takes a lot of time. When I say ‘lot’ I mean ‘lot’. With a mouse its all the more difficult and hand-numbing. I wish I had a pen-tablet. But then these arent bad for a first.

This is a vertical handheld panorama from atop the rock at Ramanagram (Ramghad of Sholey)

Ramanagram panorama

And heres the original picture(Stitched 5 pics together).

Panorama Original

This is the Tadoba lake that was shot in February.

tadoba lake painting

Tadoba Lake painting

Here is a little girl’s portrait that I painted on.

Alice in Wonderland

Well I am not trying to be a painter here. I am not even remotely as skilled as a painter. This is just an attempt.