1000+ hits in 3 months…!

Very happy to see the counter touch 1014 this morning. Its exactly 3 months today and its going really good. I will definitely work to make this a lot more interesting with more variety. I would love to know what you liked and especially what you didnt to further improve what I do.

Thanx to all you folks for taking the time to visit. And yes, please do keep coming back… 🙂


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  1. Awesome snaps Niraj..I really loved all of them..
    Just a thought..Why is that i see watermark saying “nirajkedar.com” in the center of the snaps and also sometimes at several places around the snaps..If i were you i would have kept it to one specific location (either top right corner or bottom)..
    Its just that the snaps are soo good, the writing like that kind of ruins it a bit..

    All the very best and looking fwd for more snaps from you!

  2. Thanx a lot Dilip. The watermark is there to protect them from being used without my permission. I want to showcase my work but at the same time have to insure my images arent stolen.

    Am working on some more conecpts. Will post soon. Keep looking… 🙂

  3. Hi Neeraj da….wud like to say tat all da pix are extremely wonderful…and way U explain each of them is da best part…..every pic feels as if hav waited hours 4 da click…wonderful…..my favourite pic are The Eclipse and The Tadoba Lake.

    • Thank Kapil… glad you liked the blog. Yes I had to wait for, sometimes quite a while, for the pics.

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