Finally a new addition to my list of post processing tools – the Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet.

My first reaction was – Awesome. It looks great, is very light, sleek and performs just as good. Contrary to some reports that it takes considerable time to familiarize with, I got comfy with mine in just 20 minutes. While installing it can be installed for either left or right handed operation – right being default. Just like any mouse. The pen has one button which defaults to right click (on a mouse). With tools like photoshop, this button is useful to get options for selected tools  – like when brush is selected, clicking this button brings on the brush palette. This button can be pressed on both its ends – pressing the other end brings on the pan (hand cursor) in photoshop and the image can be moved around on the screen.

There are lots of other nice features folks. Just google for the words above and u will get plenty of videos and tutorials.

What I will plan to add in the coming time is a wish list of features that I would love to have in this little wonder but arent currently supported 🙂

Heres the video:

PS: Thanks Trisha for carrying it.. 🙂 and Shantanu ofcouse for everything 🙂