Kata WS 606 was the gift I received this Diwali. I wanted a bigger bag that could accommodate 2 digital SLRs; 4 lenses, one of them being the 70-200 f2.8, 580exII, LED light panel and all other tit-bits like filters, snoots, gels, batteries, CF cards… The bag that I currently use was bought back in 2002 in Korea. I must say its the most durable and comfortable shoulder bag I have used till date. But sadly it can house only 2 SLRs and 2 smaller lenses.

I started looking for reviews for different bags that matched my specifications. The only other bag that I liked more than the Kata was the Domke F1 X (a little bit bigger bag). Check out the link: http://www.cambags.com/nikon/d1/shoulder/images/domke_f-1/domke_f-3x_nikon_d3_rhansen.jpg

A couple of things here. It can accommodate two SLRs for sure but with a little struggle. Also the bag in itself doesnt offer any shock protection from sides to its contents. For that you need to separately buy the cushioned compartments shown in the picture above.

The kata comes with customizable partitions and has ample cushion on all sides. The only negative for me is its a bit too tall. An inch and half less could have done for me. But all in all pretty sturdy with lots of room. Check this video out:


Another minor annoyance is the shoulder strap’s cushion. The cushion is stitched at the center of the strap. This may be good for someone hanging the bag on one shoulder but for someone like me, who takes the strap across so the bag hangs on my back, the cushion doesnt position accurately on my shoulder. Though I can live with that I hope. If not, I will get a custom strap that suits me. The bag has 3 pockets. Two on sides and one on the front. There is a netted slot on the inside of the top cover to put batteries, cf cards, papers or other small stuff.

The yellow interior makes it easy to see the contents in low light too. All in all a good bag to carry most of your stuff. You will have to control the urge not to stuff it to capacity or it will be too heavy to carry 🙂

I am using the Kata only to transport all my gear securely, be it on a plane or a bus. The side cushions do a good job here. For the actual shoot, I carry two much smaller and lighter bags. One being the LowePro Adventure 1700 which carries all my lighting stuff – flash, batteries, snoots, diffuser, LED Light panel and some small LED torches.

My next buy is something that makes carrying cameras a breeze – the Spider Hoster system. http://www.spiderholster.com