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Toucan Backup

Backup Program: Toucan

Folks I recently found the Toucan backup utility while searching for free backup apps. Its pretty simple but does a good job. It can do copy, of a…


December in Lalbagh

It has been ages (3 months) I wrote on my blog and I am beginning to feel sick… Things have piled up and there is a considerable backlog…

Ramanagram panorama


I have always been fascinated by paintings. While sifting thru the pictures of some of my contacts on flickr, I came across some who paint on photos. Photo-painting…


Tryst with the Tiger

I visited Tadoba tiger reserve, this February. I have visited Tadoba so many times before that I lost the count. Its less than 200Km from Nagpur where I…


My pic on their homepage…!

I never knew who bought my pictures and where they were being used; until I found this:


Same pics; different look…!

Welcome back, I sat down with some of the pics that I had posted here before and experimented with a different workflow/processing. A bit of Rarindra Prakasa effect.