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Website review

A couple of months back I joined the facebook group Lighting Essentials Workshops for Photographers . It was a facebook search that lead me to them. They are…

1000+ hits in 3 months…!

Very happy to see the counter touch 1014 this morning. Its exactly 3 months today and its going really good. I will definitely work to make this a…

Vase and glass

Tabletop lighting

Spend a few hours doing some table top stuff. The first subjects were a crystal vase and a small glass. Both being highly reflective. The important thing was…


Canon EFS 10-22 exclusive

I was at Lalbag last Sunday morning. The sole purpose was to shoot enough pics with the EFS 10-22 to demonstrate its field of view. All this for…

Ramanagram panorama


I have always been fascinated by paintings. While sifting thru the pictures of some of my contacts on flickr, I came across some who paint on photos. Photo-painting…


Alcatel-Lucent Bangalore: Family day

ALU Family day was held on 29th May at Manipal County resort off Hosur road.. These are a few random pics from the event. Well this is about…


Tryst with the Tiger

I visited Tadoba tiger reserve, this February. I have visited Tadoba so many times before that I lost the count. Its less than 200Km from Nagpur where I…


My pic on their homepage…!

I never knew who bought my pictures and where they were being used; until I found this:


An evening in Lalbag

This would be my first evening visit to Lalbag and it was Pranav’s first too. And it was splendidly rewarding. I was with Pranav, my wife and my…


Same pics; different look…!

Welcome back, I sat down with some of the pics that I had posted here before and experimented with a different workflow/processing. A bit of Rarindra Prakasa effect.


@ Bannerghatta National Park

Am back again. Had been to Bannerghatta park last december with my mother and son Pranav. This was his first visit to a zoo. He was as excited…

Daddy and his buddy

First outing with EF 85 f1.8

Greetings, I have quite a backlog to clear as far these blog posts are concerned. I have been photographying since 10 years now but my blog is only…

Why do pictures appear dull on my monitor?

Folks, To truly appreciate a picture on a computer, it has to be viewed on a color corrected/calibrated monitor. While there are sophisticated hardware tools available for this…

Welcome all!

Greetings!… Welcome to my blog. Its about my photography – portraiture, weddings and everything in between..!