The Picturist is my initiative to take my expertise in portraiture, photojournalism and landscape photography, add some stunning post processing sauce to the mix and bring it into wedding photography. Wedding photography today is called ‘candid’ mostly. Often people think that anyone with a camera with enough time at hand, who can go about ‘firing at will’ on their big day and give them 1000+ images at the end or may be a photo-book is a ‘candid’ wedding photographer. Well they are not wrong… After all you got pictures
without you having to bother much about who is shooting or from what angle.

But do the pictures really look good? Did you expect them to look better? You certainly did because you were dressed to your best for this one single most important moment of your life and its more than fair to expect to see ‘larger than life’ pictures of you, the family, friends, rituals, and all the fun.

Most people settle for mediocre or even bad work as they havent seen what work of some of the best photographers looks like. I strongly recommend looking at the works of Yervant, Jerry Ghionis, David Becksted and others to get an idea of what they do. That may not always apply to our Indian weddings but will surely raise your expectations, so you start asking for better and not necessarily more.

So folks, with that, lets get in touch over phone/email for your big day and see what magic can be done.

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